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Motorsports to me is like air to your lungs. I have always loved every aspect of it from Go-karts

to Formula 1 and mini motos to the Moto GP!

The men in my family are all petrol heads. My parents used to take us go karting when I was a child, and I loved every second of it. Formula fun was like a second home to us. Luckily, it stuck! My little brother races go-karts and BMW's and my big brother raced in the BSB, so it's not left us yet!

I had a mini moto and an Aprilla RS 125 at 13 of which I was going to race. I remember it all in

white and ready to roll but found cracks in the frame which put my ideas at bay... It was ok

though, as at 14 I started work in a motorcycle training school and was around bikes every day,

so I was very happy (although I would have done anything to have raced then). My first bike was the Suzuki GN 125. I hated that bike, but at the time, it was my only choice and I wasn't about to turn it down! I had that bike for nearly a year at 16, and from that at 17 I then bought the Yamaha YZF 600, the Fazer. I got on very well with that bike and did eventually fell in love with it!

At 18, I got the bike of my dreams, apart from the RR, the CBR600F4i which after a year of work, became my stunt bike. I first found stunt riding at 14. Although I wasn't stunting myself, a few friends were doing it and I decided to jump on the back. I was always very intrigued to the skill and determination of a stunt rider so became a part of it.

I went on for a few years as a stunt pillion doing 2-up tricks with other riders in shows and open

days etc. My knowledge of stunt riding became more apparent to myself and I started thinking

about doing it on my own bike. So I got the pit bike... For my 19th birthday, my friends got together, behind my back of course, and decided to get me the pit bike so I could start stunting. I started taking it more and more seriously and learning how to put the stunts I had seen into action myself. The first trick I learnt was one foot down wheelies of which I had within a week! After 6 months training on my pit bike, I went on to stunt my CBR600 F4i.

After having ridden my F4i for a few years, I now ride the current 2012 model of the CBR600 F of which is a fantastic stunt bike, kindly supplied & sponsored by P&H Motorcycles.

I am the first professional female stunt rider in the UK and have been stunt riding now since November 2010.

I have a huge passion for singing, dancing and acting as well, which are also major parts of my life.

Ride safe, play extreme!




Maya 'Chesca' Miles



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London, UK





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Model/Stunt Rider/Actress/Singer

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Life's too short, no regrets.

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